Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Branson Day 2

Sorry for the delay I was just having troubles uploading my photos!

On our second day in Branson we took a trip to the Fish Hatchery and then to a look out point. Mattie enjoyed both! We also drove by the College of the Ozarks which I didn't get any pictures of but I think they have an awesome deal for college kids. The students are able to work through places set up through the college and by working they are paying off their tuition.

Feeding the fish with Papa!

Well there were more pictures I wanted to post but since Blogger isn't working for me I give up! I have tried for a week to add more pictures.

Just imagine some pictures of Mattie and I at the lookout, one of the view, one of my parents and my uncle and then some from the park at the campground!

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